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Smart Sensing & Automation Solution

CLPe Solutions offers a range of seamless Smart Sensing & Automation Solution that helps customers monitor and control electrically driven equipment such as lights, curtains and air-conditioners, providing convenience and enabling a more comfortable environment.

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Sub-metering & Energy Benchmarking Solution

With years of experience implementing customised sub-metering applications for energy management and benchmarking, we can help reduce workload by providing customers with insightful energy consumption information, enabling decision makers and stakeholders to make their facilities smarter and greener.

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Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Analytics & Optimisation Solution

CLPe Solutions specialises in HVAC Analytics & Optimisation Solution that leverages existing building management system (BMS) data to automatically detect and diagnose faults and inefficiencies and optimise system performance.

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Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solution

Our DCIM software enables data centre operators to manage their facilities more efficiently and improves data centre infrastructure planning and design. DCIM software can help create a better flow of information across organisational domains, data centres, facilities, and IT to maximise data centre utilisation.

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Demand Side Management Solution

CLPe Solutions provides comprehensive integrated Demand Side Management Solution that helps customers make use of the latest technologies to achieve demand response and energy efficiency.

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