More than HK$ 1.2 Million in Estimated Annual Electricity Savings

10 Capacitor Banks Installed to Stabilise and Control the Power Flow

Over 15 Years’ Experience in Power Quality Check Ups

Improving Efficiency at the Popular Metroplaza Mall

Metroplaza in Kwai Fong is one of Hong Kong’s liveliest shopping malls with more than 200 outlets and a floor space of 540,000 square feet. CLPe carried out a power quality check-up service on its electricity supply system which prepared the way for significant improvements.

In a series of recommendations and cost estimates, engineers from CLPe proposed installing capacitor banks to stabilise and control the power flow. Metroplaza accepted the recommendations and 10 capacitor banks were then installed by CLPe , resulting in a considerable reduction in electricity costs.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Examining the System during Shopping Hours

    The assessment by CLPe was carried out while the shopping mall was in full operation, meaning engineers had to take care not to disturb its normal service and operations. The team of experts drew on their in-depth knowledge and more than 15 years of experience in power quality measurement to complete the assessment without any disruption to shoppers.

  • Explaining the Investment

    A power quality check-up is only the first step to understanding the health condition of a power supply system. What is more important is the follow-up enhancement measures. After the check-up work at Metroplaza was completed, CLPe made recommendations to enhance the efficiency of the system, carrying out simulations based on data to support the recommendation and allow Metroplaza to visualise the positive impact and anticipate a realistic pay-back period, which is around two years on average.

Value Created for the Customer

  • Saving in Electricity Costs

    After the installation of the capacitor banks, the power factor at Metroplaza was significantly improved which reduced the maximum demand charge of its electricity bills. Metroplaza will achieve an estimated saving in energy costs of HK$1.2 million a year.

  • A Total Start-to-Finish Solution

    CLPe provided a total solution to Metroplaza from the pre-work study, on-site measurements and analysis, to making recommendations from the data collected and the sourcing and installation of capacitor banks. CLPe has a team of professional experts with long experience in power quality check-ups and enhancement, allowing it to provide a range of reliable, high-quality services.