The Largest Contractor for Control Systems at Hong Kong International Airport

More than 10 Years’ Experience in Offering Control System Solutions at the Airport

Ground-Breaking Project at Hong Kong Airport due for Completion in Mid-2020

The Sky Bridge currently under construction at Hong Kong International Airport is a 200-meter long footbridge connecting Terminal 1 to the North Satellite Concourse and is expected to be the world’s longest airside bridge when it is goes into operation in mid-2020.

It will significantly cut travel time between the two buildings as passengers will no longer need to take a shuttle bus, and the Sky Bridge will also provide catering and shopping outlets along its length to improve the airport environment. CLPe is working with the main contractor for the Sky Bridge, China State Construction International Holdings Ltd (China State Construction), to provide a control system for the bridge.

CLPe has provided airport control systems in Hong Kong since 2008 and is responsible for two important and sophisticated existing systems – the General Building Management System (GBMS) and the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The GBMS is involved in control management for airport buildings while the SCADA system oversees outdoor equipment on the airfield. Both systems are uniquely modified for the airport and required in-depth sector knowledge and experienced teams.

For the Sky Bridge project, CLPe is providing input and output control points for the whole bridge with the installation of panels that help monitor and control energy consumption, as well as checking for any faults and ensuring the comfort of occupants around the clock. The major project is testament to the rich project experience of CLPe and its established expertise in providing solutions for one of the world’s busiest airports.

CLPe  Solutions provided Control System Solutions for the Sky Bridge at Hong Kong International Airport

Challenges and Solutions

  • Addressing an Airport’s Unique System Requirements

    The existing GBMS and SCADA system are sophisticated control systems uniquely modified for Hong Kong International Airport. Special knowledge is needed to create and run the systems, and these skill sets are not easily available within the industry. The CLPe team possesses specific professional knowledge and are extremely familiar with the systems after providing them to the airport for more than a decade. In addition, the technology used in control systems is developing rapidly and professionals in the field need to keep themselves up to date with the emergence of transformative new technologies.

Value Created for the Customer

  • A Total Project Solution

    CLPe is providing one-stop services for the Sky Bridge project, sourcing the system from the manufacturer and offering professional advice in design and technical meetings, as well as taking responsibility for system design and installation and whole project management. Its seasoned engineers and technicians have been able to deal with every aspect of the complicated systems involved. CLPe has also successfully established and maintained excellent relations with China State Construction, which sent an appreciation letter acknowledging its outstanding performance.

  • An Established Track Record in Quality Control Systems

    CLPe has been providing high quality control systems at Hong Kong International Airport since 2008 and is the biggest control system contractor for the airport. The Sky Bridge is a demonstration of its ability to embrace the latest technology to maintain its status as a leading provider of control systems.