A smart partnership in energy efficiency

Adopting Artificial Intelligence for air-conditioning

AI technology opens door to a sustainable future

Kai Shing Management Services Limited (Kai Shing) as a leading property management company, the property management services cover Hong Kong and Mainland China, with a diverse range of residential and commercial projects, including office buildings, large shopping malls, luxury residences and large-scale housing estates, providing comprehensive and quality professional property management services to customers. The company enthusiastically embraces environmental protection and sustainability, and has introduced an impressive range of green features and activities throughout its properties.

CLPe shares Kai Shing’s vision of a sustainable future. As the prime energy consumer in commercial buildings, air-conditioning system accounting for about 30% of the electricity consumption in the commercial sector. CLPe has teamed up with Kai Shing in a Smart Energy Optimisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control project to achieve optimal energy efficiency for the air-conditioning in four of the prime properties in its portfolio.

The PlantPRO dashboard helps with analysing and to keep air conditioning at optimum levels at all times.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Balancing energy conservation and comfort

    Air conditioning is essential to create a comfortable environment for tenants and customers in commercial buildings and shopping malls. The partnership therefore focused on raising the energy efficiency of the air conditioning systems to contribute to decarbonisation while maintaining comfort levels.

    CLPe introduced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) analytics and optimisation solutions through the AI management system, PlantPRO, at Kai Shing properties, including Kowloon Commerce Centre, New Town Plaza, Metroplaza, and YOHO MALL. PlantPRO continuously adjusts chillers to achieve the best possible COP (coefficient of performance), improving energy efficiency while ensuring a comfortable air conditioning level.

Value Created for the Customer

  • Making properties sustainable, attractive and competitive

    Kai Shing’s tenants include multinational companies and high-profile enterprises that place high value on environmental protection and the environmental performance of the properties they lease. This partnership has helped Kai Shing improve the competitive edge of its properties by using AI technologies to increase their energy efficiency and sustainability, and make them more attractive to prestigious tenants.