One of the First Retro-Commissioning Practitioners in Hong Kong

11 Energy-Saving Opportunities Identified

More than 810,000 kWh Estimated Annual Energy Saving

Retro-Commissioning Identifies Major Cost-Cutting Opportunities

CLPe carried out retro-commissioning services for Cathay Pacific Airways in 2019, performing an in-depth study on the lighting system, electrical system, and mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning (MVAC) systems at Cathay Pacific City to improve its building operation performance and save energy.

The concept of retro-commissioning has gained increasing awareness over the past few years, and CLPe is a pioneer in this new area with its extensive experience in the energy field and team of experts making it one of the first retro-commissioning practitioners in Hong Kong.

For the Cathay Pacific City project, CLPe experts examined the lighting system, electrical system, and two MVAC systems – one air-side system with an area of 408 square metres and a water-side system with seven seawater-cooled chillers. They collected data through site inspections and by inspecting the building management system (BMS), later providing advice on ways to improve the energy efficiency of the complex.

An onsite review was conducted and the settings of the MVAC air-side system was modified to save energy

Challenges and Solutions

  • Difficulties in Collecting Data

    Some data was not able to be extracted from the BMS at Cathay Pacific City due to the original configuration. CLPe therefore collected data from a site inspection and made estimates of the annual consumption based on different load conditions.

  • Demonstrating the Savings on Lighting

    CLPe experts found that, with the installation of daylight sensors and LED bulbs, less lighting was needed to maintain a suitable level of light in Cathay Pacific City. Because this involved capital investment, lighting simulations were carried out so the client could see the impact of the proposed changes.

Value Created for the Customer

  • The Convenience of a One-Stop Solution

    CLPe provided comprehensive retro-commissioning services at Cathay Pacific City, including electrical and mechanical work and changes to its MVAC system and lighting. It is one of the few companies that can offer a full scope of services, giving the airline the convenience of a one-stop solution.

  • Long-Term Energy Savings

    After its detailed analysis, CLPe provided Cathy Pacific with many recommendations to improve energy efficiency. The investment needed was relatively small and the recommendations were easy to implement, but they produced an immediate positive impact and resulted in significant savings. CLPe also conducted a cost-benefit analysis which concluded the payback period for the client would be one to two years, but the savings would be ongoing.