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Incremental Distribution Network

We have been franchised since 2019 by the Government of the Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region to operate a 110kV/10kV Incremental Distribution Network (IDN) in Fangchenggang, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the reform of electricity networks and our joint ventures with business partners in Mainland China.

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District Cooling and Multiple Buildings Central Cooling

The development of a District Cooling System (DCS) and a Multiple-Building Central Cooling System (MB-CCS) is advancing to deal with the high cooling demand in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, taking full advantage of economies of scale as well as the area’s high standards of plant operation and maintenance.

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Data Centre

CLPe offers a wide range of data centre services, providing reliable facilities, dedicated professional consultation, and highly effective in-house testing and commissioning that delivers trustworthy, cost-effective, sophisticated, and sustainable solutions for data centre operators

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