CLPe provides a professional service to enhance the reliability of electrical systems by replacing ageing equipment, such as low voltage switchboards (LVSBs) and air-circuit breakers (ACBs). Based on the results from routine tests which identify defective components, customers can choose to replace switchboards and equipment according to their condition and expected service life.

According to Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers guidelines, the lifespan of LVSBs is around 20 years. The upgrading and replacing of equipment should be carried out under the Code of Practice and General Specification for Electrical Installation.

Why Choose Us

CLPe provides turnkey engineering solutions to meet your power needs. Our specialist teams conduct on-site power measurements and then prepare the loads diversion and a changeover scheme, as well as providing temporary power provision, according to the results.

Benefits to Customer

Our professional service can enhance the reliability and lifespan of electrical supply systems and minimise the chances of electrical switchgear failure and downtime. It optimises the load distribution between different power sources and prevents tripping in circuit breakers and protection relays.