Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a systematic process to periodically check your existing systems’ energy consumption performance, and to identify potential operational improvements that can save on energy costs and improve the indoor environment of a building. CLPe has the expertise to provide services across 4 stages of RCx, including planning, investigation, implementation and ongoing commissioning, covering the scope of ‘existing building commissioning’, ‘recommissioning’ and ‘continuous commissioning’.

Through this process we collect the relevant operational data of energy consuming equipment and systems, and conduct on-site measurements to understand your unique energy consumption patterns. By this we can identify potential Energy Saving Opportunities (ESOs), and implement these opportunities to improve the operational performance of building systems, and in turn enhance the building’s energy efficiency and occupant comfort levels.

Why Choose Us

Our team of experts have a wide range of experience in conducting retro-commissioning services in commercial and industrial premises. We can help customers gather relevant information to design a customised plan to meet their unique goals. A comprehensive consumption analysis can help customers investigate and uncover new potential ESOs, leading to new gains in overall system performance.

Benefits to Customer

Buildings may not be performing up to their expected potential for a variety of reasons, such as a discrepancy between design and actual operation, a change of usage, behavioural changes in occupants, or others. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why a building is not operating to its highest potential. Through RCx, we can help customers identify those reasons and take steps to make changes, leading to a reduction in operation and maintenance costs, a lower likelihood of energy consuming equipment and systems failing, and ensuring that energy consuming equipment and systems operate at their most efficient levels. This process can significantly improve the indoor environment for occupants, increase the knowledge and skills within the building management team for operation & maintenance (O&M) capabilities, and even increase the overall asset value of the building.

Key Features

CLPe provides the following services:

  • Planning

    Review the state of existing systems and compare current facilities and operational requirements to the O&M manuals.

  • Investigation

    Interview O&M staff, set up a Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan and establish ESOs based on an in-depth cost-benefit analysis.

  • Implementation

    Verify changes in performance after applying ESOs.

  • Ongoing Commissioning

    Implement a follow-up plan for issues discovered during the implementation process and develop an on-going commissioning plan.