CLPe offers a range of seamless Smart Sensing & Automation Solution that helps customers to control and monitor their electrical equipment such as lighting and air-conditioning across a range of applications such as schools, shops, hotel rooms or offices.

With extensive reports and charts, smart sensing & automation solution allow you to visualise your energy data, optimise consumption and ultimately save resources, all while remotely managing your devices, settings and schedules in real-time.

Why Choose Us

Technological innovation is what differentiates CLPe from our competitors. From developing the smart sensing & automation solution app in-house, we have the capability to carry out complex and customised solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. Our energy specialists will provide you a comprehensive solution, even migrating data for customers already using an app who would like to upgrade their features and capabilities.

The smart sensing & automation solution app is used alongside wired or wireless devices such as sensors and controllers to collect data. As a total solutions provider, CLPe will help customers source the optimal devices based on individual needs, matching the latest technologies with our technical expertise. We are also able to provide a wide range of devices with different features for customers to choose from.

Benefits to Customer

Installing sensors allows for automated control of your space, including but not limited to motion sensing, indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring, humidity, lighting control, and air conditioning control. Smart sensing & automation solution allows you to take control of your environment and reduce unnecessary energy consumption according to your exact need. Professional consultants from CLPe will also take care of installation and maintenance.

Key Features

CLPe provides the following services:

  • Energy Management Solutions

    Direct access to granular electricity consumption data to enable improved energy management.

  • Operation Monitoring and Scenario Control

    Real-time operation monitoring that allows you to manage device settings and scheduling.

  • Lighting Control

    Automatic adjustment of lightings based on indoor luminance levels and motion sensor readings.

  • Air-conditioning and Fresh Air Control

    Automated control of air-conditioners and ventilating fans based on indoor air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration or other IAQ parameters.

  • Data Visualisation with Customised Comparison

    Visualise energy consumption down to equipment level for benchmarking with counterpart buildings and identify cost saving opportunities.