CLPe specialises in providing customers with recommendations to help achieve their environmental and energy-saving goals. Our experts visit customers’ businesses and conduct energy audits to better understand their unique energy consumption patterns, identifying opportunities to save energy and reduce operational costs. Energy audit compliance with the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (BEEO) can be provided where needed.

Four major building service elements are reviewed in an energy audit:

  • Mechanical, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (MVAC) installations, such as chiller plants, heat pumps, and unitary air conditioners

  • Lighting

  • Lifts and escalators

  • Other installations, including water heaters and cooking equipment

Recommendations are provided to customers in audit reports which highlight possible savings and detailed cost benefit analysis, allowing customers to better understand their energy-saving potential.

Energy audits are conducted by teams of experienced auditors.

Why Choose Us

CLPe has provided energy audit services since 2009. We conduct more than 600 audits a year on a wide range of buildings, including residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and Government buildings. Our experienced energy specialists perform to the highest industry standards. As well as walk-through audits, we have a team of dedicated engineers who can conduct detailed energy audits for compliance with BEEO requirements.

Benefits to Customer

Our detailed energy audits assess the performance of existing building service installations and identify energy-saving potential, helping customers plan for future energy use, lower energy bills, improve thermal comfort levels, and reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

It is a statutory requirement of the BEEO that energy audits are conducted every 10 years in commercial buildings and the commercial portions of composite buildings. We can help customers fulfil that requirement and give them peace of mind.

Key Features

CLPe provides the following services:

  • Our energy specialists conduct site visits to measure how customers’ buildings handle energy demands, and develop a tailored plan that addresses the unique needs of each building.

  • Provide customers with valuable insights for areas of improvements, suggesting a detailed roadmap of practical, cost-effective measures. Where capital investment is needed, we help customers quantify the potential savings and the expected payback period, as well as offering different options for implementation.

  • Provide a comprehensive energy audit report, including a breakdown of a building’s energy consumption, energy management opportunities, high-level retro-commissioning, and payback analysis for enhancement measures that require capital investment, as well as advice on the application of smart technologies.

  • Energy audit helps increase indoor comfort by optimising the energy use of buildings, improving the environment and providing health and wellbeing benefits for users.