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EV Charging Solution Planning and Design

Determining the optimal size and design of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions can identify the most efficient systems for specific customer needs.

EV Charging Network Infrastructure

CLPe provides hassle-free, one-stop EV charging solutions for a wide range of customers. We have built a reputation for reliability through our wealth of knowledge in electricity infrastructure and power management systems.

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EV Charging Asset and Platform

We work with leading suppliers of hardware and software to ensure a best-in-class customer experience. Our designs and solutions ensure compatibility with international standards and avoid vendor lock-in.

EV Charging Solution as a Service

Our commercial models evolve in step with our customers’ needs. Our Charging as a Service allows customers to pay by subscription rather than upfront investment. This minimises customer risk on managing infrastructure, with our team on hand to deal with everything from design and installation to operation. It also provides customers with visibility on the cost of operation and enables them to concentrate on their core businesses.

Fleet Electrification Planning

You can rely on our industry-leading expertise and experience to make your electrification journey as smooth as possible. This covers elements including EV mileage, typical driving routes, available vehicle models, and appropriate charging infrastructure. These insights help stakeholders buy into the EV vision and understand the benefits of going electric.

Vehicle to Grid

As technology advances, the use of EVs to provide energy to the grid or to a building has become a realistic and beneficial option. We work with leading technology players to offer the latest Vehicle to Grid capabilities to help customers optimise their on-site energy use and profile and reduce energy costs.