CLPe has wealth of experience in mechanical plant and equipment installation through our expertise in the electricity generation plant business. Plant components include water pumps, valves, air compressors, air receivers, drum screens and bar screens, water tanks, and water strainers. CLPe also provides an emergency support service for defect rectification and improvement solutions. We offer project management, plant system upgrades, and a defect diagnostic service to our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our team has a broad range of expertise in areas including confined space work, electric arc welding and gas welding, and lifting appliances and lifting gear, and includes specialists in rigging, signalling, scaffolding, plumbing, and fire service electrical fitting.

Benefits to Customer

  • Recommend value-adding solution to customers.

  • Regularly review the workflow from planning to on-site activities to explore new opportunities.

  • Adopt a Hierarchy of Control (HOC) approach to ensure the highest levels of safety.

  • We believe working closely with the customer is a key factor to success. Our innovation team consists of frontline staff, engineers and client representatives explore together innovative methods to enhance safety and project effectiveness.