Our Services

High Voltage / Low Voltage Electricity Power Supply and Distribution

CLPe provides a range of solutions for electrical powers supply system from 132kV to low voltage power systems. We tailor-make solutions based on each customer’s specific requirements, providing reliable service to clients with even the highest energy demands.

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Mechanical Plant and Equipment Installation

We have wealth of experience in mechanical plant and equipment installation through our expertise in the electricity generation plant business. Plant components include water pumps, valves, air compressors, air receivers, drum screens and bar screens, water tanks, and water strainers. CLPe also provides an emergency support service for defect rectification and improvement solutions. We offer our clients project management, plant system upgrades, and a defect diagnostic service.

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Operation and Maintenance Services

We have extensive experience and strong capabilities in providing operation and maintenance (O&M) services for infrastructure facilities, such as transportation hubs and railways. As a comprehensive O&M services provider, we have the capabilities to meet the full range of our customers’ needs.

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Public Lighting

We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions for public lighting, with an expert team providing a wide range of services for remodelling, replacement or new installations, covering design, installation, and commissioning and maintenance.

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Communication, Control and Security Solutions

We provide all-in-one communication, control, and security solutions. They cover software, logics, system configuration, and the transmission of signals between control systems and field devices through industrial control networks, such as telephone networks, data networks, public address systems, and traffic control and surveillance systems.

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