CLPe’s Renewable Energy Management Platform is a cloud-based service that gathers real-time information from renewable energy installations at various sites to better facilitate the management of assets, and to help customers continuously monitor the performance of their installations. All parameters are collected from on-site invertors and transmitted to the cloud for analysis, allowing customers to seamlessly retrieve the information at any time through a customised digital display or even their mobile device.

Why Choose Us

It is crucial for renewable energy owners, operators and investors to have a modern, user-friendly platform to manage their diverse renewable energy portfolios of any size on the go. We have the expertise and capability to develop customised renewable energy management platforms that perfectly suit your needs. Backed by our parent company CLP Holdings, one of the major solar farm investors in East Asia with many years of operation & maintenance experience in PV panels, CLPe is a pioneer in solar PV projects in Hong Kong. This synergy allows us to package Solar as a Service Solution with our renewable energy management platform, offering customers a one-stop service for their renewable energy needs.

CLPe ’ Renewable Energy Management Platform allows customers to manage and monitor the performance of their solar assets seamlessly

Benefits to Customer

We transform renewable energy data into valuable insights, and provide our customers with solutions to help drive revenue, reduce cost, and increase productivity. On top of continuously monitoring the performance of renewable energy installations through a user-friendly interface, the platform can also detect faults by analysing the received data against pre-set standards, and alert users if remedial action is needed. Furthermore, based on the data collected the platform can help customers analyse their overall energy generation output.

Key Features

CLPe provides the following services:

  • Quickly and easily retrieve station status through a location map.

  • Provide alarm reporting, fault analysis and management.

  • Monitor assets and spare management.

  • Assist in work order management.

  • Generate visualisations for multiple-station comparisons.

  • Analyse electrical output according to real-time weather forecasts.